The Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF) is pleased to announce our innovative Festival-in-a-Box for 2015.

As a Location Co-ordinator, you can choose this line-up (more than 75% of all Location Co-ordinators do!) for your location. The programme is set for a two-hour span. Set a location, invite your audience and bring some popcorn. Leave the rest to us!

Stay tuned and see you at the movies! Below are brief descriptions of each selected film:

Backwards From Ten
Canada, 11.50 Short, Student (English) Directed by Laura Arboleda
“To die with dignity should be everybody’s right.” A doctor responsible for carrying out procedures in a euthanasia clinic falters when she receives an unexpected patient.

Car, The
Canada, 8.00 Short, Dark Comedy, Satire (English) Directed by Joffrey Saintrapt
Stanley’s been having some bad luck. After being kicked out of his apartment, he’s forced to live in his car in the parking lot at work. His boss, apparently having no other alternative, lets him go until he can find stable residence.   And it’s not even lunchtime.  Stanley and his car are about to have a very long day…

Einen Koffer
Mexico, 6.50 Short (English) Directed by Sergio E. Aviles     
Reflections of a Mexican migrant to the US in the light of President Reagan’s “Tear down this wall” speech

From the Mouth of the Mariner
United Kingdom, 5.00 Documentary, Short, Student (Welsh) Directed by Josh Tilley
‘From the mouth of the Mariner’ is a glimpse into the life of an old Welsh sailor, and the rural Welsh landscape which he calls home.

Ice and Water
Canada, 9.00 Documentary, Short (English) Directed by Erik Hutt
Ice and Water follows 38-year-old Jamie Le Rose over the course of an average workday and examines how nearly 20 years of roofing has physically and mentally affected him. Jamie has matured and young dreams may become irrelevant when he seeks new means to support his family. Over the course of the film, Jamie shares life, work, and musical experiences and how the roof has altered his goals and ambitions.

One Step at a Time: A Story About Women and Shoes
Canada, 12.00 Documentary, Short, Student (English) Directed by Sandra Ignagni
One Step at a Time overturns the stereotype of women as obsessed with shoe consumption by exploring the stories of women pursing an unconventional career path in shoe production – cobbling and in shoemaking. Weaving together four narratives into a unified thread, the film is a reflection on the challenges of learning detailed craft-based work in a rapidly vanishing Canadian industry.

Single Body, A (Un Seul Corps)
France, 19.00 Short, Drama (French) Directed by Sotiris Dounoukos
Best friends and skilled abattoir workers David and Wani are saving up to open their own butchery, but before they can realize their dream, the arrival of a new worker will test the bonds of their shared life.

Canada, 6.50 Drama (English) Directed by Jay Castro
Farmer Shel is a hopeless rice farmer who lives for his family, working tirelessly night and day to provide for them. One night, what Shel encounters may keep him from providing for them, perhaps for good.

Street Artist, The
Jordan, 7.00 Animation (No dialogue) Directed by Mahmoud Hindawi. 
This short film depicts an ageing artist who despite his incredible talent, is disillusioned and in need of inspiration.

Canada, 12.00  Drama  (French) Directed by Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Tala is a young Filipino domestic worker living with a bourgeois family on the north shore of Montreal. As she runs through her daily chores, dealing with the eccentricities of her employers, an unexpected phone call puts her at great risk of getting fired. Shot in a single long take and inspired by the current ‘Live-In Caregiver’ program of the Canadian federal government, Tala tells a story of subtle oppression and re-empowerment, asking whether or “subalterns” exist in modern Québec and Canada.

Tilco Striker
Canada, 3.00 Documentary, Short (English) Directed by Matthew Hayes
In the 1960s, women workers at a factory in Peterborough,Ontario went on strike – in the middle of winter. This is the story of the Tilco strikers and their effort to fight against a tyrannical employer.

Canada, 9.50 Short (Punjabi) Directed by Sumit Judge & Ralph Ortega
Vishal, a 22-year old international student, finds himself in a dingy, crowded suburban basement, trying to determine how he can balance work and school. Engrossed with his longing for home, and his inability to confess to his mother the hardships he suffers daily, Vishal is persuaded by his roommate Sourav to skip school and start work at an Indian restaurant. The chaos, and the workers remind of home, but also foreshadow what life can and probably will be for the next few years.

Where is Don?
Kosovo, 10.00 Short (Albanian) Directed by More Raca
An episode in the life of a journalist living unprotected under the nightmare of threats.