There are three things I’d like you to do this weekend — none of them very difficult, and you’d make a difference if you could help out with this.

First, a Norwegian trade union has announced (for the third year running) an international prize worth $86,000 (US) for a person or organization who has promoted trade union rights.  If you can think of someone worthy of the prize, check out their website and make your nomination.

Second, some people we know are thinking of setting up a labour films channel for television – and they’re running a very short online survey to find out more about how we might use such a channel.  One of the people who fills in the survey will receive an original 1979 “Norma Rae” movie poster – what a great prize!  Please take a moment to fill in the survey here (deadline is 13 October).

Third and finally, please have a look at LabourStart’s current online campaign in solidarity with Egyptian workers. Look at the upper right corner – see all those flags?  Right now the campaign is running in 9 languages – but we know that there are at least 23 languages in the world spoken by 50 million people or more.  We’d like our campaigns to appear in many more languages.  If you can help — email  Thanks!


Eric Lee