The One Minute Message Ad Contest from the CLC

We’re giving away some great prizes to whoever comes up with the best ad about the basic unfairness that sees the tax burden shifted away from profitable corporations and onto ordinary working people as their governments cut services, eliminate programs and hike user fees to balance the books.

Clever, creative, ironic or with a sense of humour… whatever it takes. The best ad will be one that effectively shows why working Canadians should come together and demand a better deal.

Do you think everyone should pay their fair share when it comes to the taxes that pay for things that benefit us all – education, health care, infrastructure, safety?

Are you fed-up with watching the corporations that caused a financial market melt-down – triggering a recession that wiped out people’s savings and took away their jobs – continue to demand (and get) their taxes lowered while the rest of us pay to clean up their mess?

Had enough of CEOs who collect fat bonuses while their companies lay off workers and abandon communities, then lecture everyone about how they should live with less?

Your target audience for the ad is YouTube viewers world-wide. However the ad should speak directly to everyday working people affected by this fundamental tax unfairness. Your video needs to inspire, move and entertain. It should encourage people to share it with, and forward it to, their friends and share it on their blogs and through their own social network channels.

Your video needs to be positive, and communicate the message that if people come together they can make a difference to both their own life and to the lives of other people.