2020 Festival

2020 marks the 12th anniversary of the Canadian Labour International Film Festival!

Our unique method of bringing films to workers means that we have shown over 185 films about work and workers in over 180 locations across Canada. Our festival is run entirely on the generosity of donations from event attendees and organisations that support worker’s rights.

The 2020 festival has been one of our most challenging to plan. We have made the decision to not create package DVDs and instead will be using an online streaming platform to distribute films to our Location Coordinators. Also, our licencing allows for screenings to be scheduled any time in the months of September, October, and November of 2020.

We rely on a broad network for outreach, and volunteer support, and we are excited to work through this new format with all of our Location Coordinators! Thank you all for the time you dedicate to the festival and we look forward to making the 2020 film festival one of our best!

In solidarity,
CLiFF Board of Directors