When Asians Audition

1 min comedy from Canada and Director Philip UK Yang

This film is a short comedy sketch of what happens when Asians audition.

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Trap Fishing

7 minute documentary from the United States and Director David Helfer Wells

Get up close and personal with one of the last remaining trap fishing families in Rhode Island. Meet Corey Wheeler Forrest, her father Alan Wheeler and brother Luke Wheeler. Learn the art of trap fishing and what it takes to make a living on the water.

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The Twins

7 min drama from Malaysia and Directors WKNDPRJCTS, Cru Bannon, Douglas Ho, Yuriz Joe

The film revolves around the story of Ah Ma, and her twin children Ah Boy and Ah Girl. Chinese families traditionally prefer boys over girls and often overlook the sacrifices made by their daughters. With a twist of fate, things change and forever changes the dynamics of this family. The greatest love endures the greatest sacrifice.

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The Night of the Sand

24 min documentary from Turkey and Director Ali Ergül

This documentary tells the story of silicosis patients who became sick with the disease from their work in jean sandblasting. After remaining silent for 10 years, their current situation as well as the poor working conditions that led to their conditions are brought to audiences in this surprising film.

The struggle of sandblasting workers started with the death of Kenan Temiz in 2004 from silicosis. Sandblasting workshops in Turkey were closed and other sufferers were retired due to disability. It’s not known how many workers were working in jean sandblasting, but their sicknesses and deaths due to silicosis continue.

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The Hotline

5 min animation from Canada and Director Christina Taratufolo

Trapped working a dead-end job, Erika fears there is no light at the end of the tunnel, until her environment puts her mental fragility to the test.

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19 min drama from Spain and Director Laura M. Campos

Pablo Soto works as a tour guide in Berlin. Elena Cruz spreads propaganda in Los Angeles. Alicia Costa is a waitress in Paris.

They left behind the call that made them suffer too much. Today their phones are ringing again. The call returns.

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The Ballad of John Henry

50 min documentary from the United States and Filmmaker Matthew Rice

This film takes on analyzing how an ex-slave became one of America’s greatest tall tale heroes. The heroic legacy of John Henry speaks to the needs of most Americans. His fame today rests on a single moment. The competition against the steam drill may have sealed his fate, but he died to preserve the dignity of the common man. Dozens of men by the same name have been attributed as the real-life tall tale hero. Only one person, a convict, is the most obvious choice according to the historical evidence.

Based on Scott Reynolds Nelson’s book, Steel Drivin’ Man, this story presents a new perspective on a famous tall tale often taught in classrooms around the country. The film sheds new light on an unjust legal system developed after the Civil War replacing slavery with a new labor-based economy, the convict lease program.

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5 min documentary from Iran and Director Zhivar farajzadeh

Serok is a boy who helps his father in the summer. Children are the most vulnerable group in society, who are exposed to the disasters, pressures and problems of life – caused by their elders.

Mesmerizing film about child labour told by a child. The director is 13!

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4.5 min animation from the United States and Director Ramon Faria

SERF is an animated short film about a little robot that works in a huge factory. He is stuck there working in the same routine every day until the day that he discovers the world outside.

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8 min documentary from Canada and Director Sahar Golshan

In Farsi, the word “kar” means work. Mohammad has worked in Canada as a pizza delivery man, a driving instructor, and a taxi driver. With the rise of ride-sharing apps like Uber, he is now unemployed. A weekend drive around Scarborough, ON with his daughter prompts reflection on cars, labour, and family. KAR received the Air Canada Short Film Award at the 2019 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival in November 2019.

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I another: an experience in labor justice

58 min documentary from Brazil and Director Maiara Líbano

We follow the project “Living subaltern work”, which invited judges to live the lives of invisible workers. In secrecy, magistrates exchange their gowns for uniforms, and live one day as street sweepers, waitresses, gardeners. In turn, manual workers are invited to discuss the role of a judge in society.

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Gathering Circle

10 min documentary from Canada and Director Tracey Strnad

A short documentary about the Indigenous architects and collaborators behind the new Indigenous public space built in Collingwood, Canada.

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Forty Thousand a Month

9.5 min drama from India and Director Vinay Teja Reddy

Indu asks her father Venkat Rao, who has a very hectic job, to take her to a movie one day. What happens next, forms this short film. Captivating drama about the pressures of work on maintaining a homelife.

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7 min documentary from Brazil and Director Dani Drumond

“Men here can take two weeks. In a month, they won’t be here anymore”. In a wooden shed on the east side of São Paulo, 16 women work sorting recycling material in Filadelphia Cooperative. A subject inevitably comes up: why do men give up so early on work in the cooperative?

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Company Town

52 min documentary from Canada and Director Peter Findlay

On the anniversary of General Motors’ 100th year of manufacturing vehicles in Oshawa, Canada, the company announces it will be shuttering its plant in a year and the union mobilizes to fight to save jobs – and the future of the community – against huge odds.

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Birth of a Union

19.5 min documentary from the United States and Director Josh Karan

This film chronicles the historic effort to organize low wage workers in North Carolina, where it is illegal for any State agency to agree to a Union contract.

Despite being full time employees of the State of North Carolina, wages of many workers have been so low that they have qualified for Federal food stamps. Helping to give leadership to these workers we follow a dynamic African-American union organizer working through one of the most progressive unions in the country.

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Animal Calling

6 min documentary from Canada and Director Candice Dixon

This short documentary is an intimate portrait following a recently-graduated, young veterinarian as she enjoys a rare, relaxing morning in her blissful country home.

While Dr. VanRooy quietly prepares for her day, we’re intermittently transported to her place of work as she reflects on the mental health crisis currently impacting the field of animal care—revealing the emotional and psychological challenges faced by those dedicating their lives to veterinary medicine.

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Aguan-Sun Behind the Horizon

8.5 min documentary from Bangladesh and Director Novera Hasan Nikkon

In this film, Ms. Rahela Begum, a 22 year old single mother, tells her story of breaking traditional gender roles by becoming a female rickshaw-puller to support herself and her two children. The concept of a woman doing such a job had been unheard of before Rahela hit the road three years ago in the capital city of Dhaka.

Bangladesh’s socio-cultural environment has a long standing history of gender discrimination, as girls are often considered to be financial burdens on their family from the time of birth. Empowering women is still a dream from generation to generation.

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