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CLiFF – The Vision

IMAGINE A WORLD where thousands of films are made about workers and the conditions under which they live, work, fight, and succeed in their daily lives!

2009 marked the first-ever Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF). This also marked the first ever labour-oriented film festival in Canada.

The world of labour has found it increasingly difficult to communicate its message as fewer and fewer people have greater control over the means of communication – the media.

It is more important than ever that working people be able to tell their own stories in their own words and in their own images.

With the wide availability of digital still and video cameras, camera-phones, and other tools, activists can now make their stories – but still find it difficult to exhibit their narratives.

CLiFF is that venue – the first of many throughout Canada, and, we hope, around the world.

Not only do we want to show films, we want to encourage MAKING films to show at this and other festivals.

We want to partner with any and all organisations friendly to those who do work, those who represent workers, and those who advocate on the behalf of workers. We also want to work with those whose mission it is to tell the stories of workers.

We also seek to create partnerships with organisations that teach the arts of film-making. Keep visiting our website to see things as they develop and send us ideas.