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Happy GoodyearThis documentary discloses the behind-the-scenes activities of the tyre’s multinational “Goodyear”.
Over 300 workers of the italian Goodyear killed by lung cancer and other diseases, are waiting for justice and truth.
http://www.soulcrime.it0:54:00ItalyItalian Pesino, Elena GanelliLaura Pesino, Elena GanelliAdriano ChiarelliSoulcrimeProduzionisoulcrimeproduzioni@gmail.com2015
Tilco StrikerIn the 1960s women workers at a factory in Peterborough, ON went on strike. In the middle of winter. This is the story of the Tilco strikers, and their effort to fight against a tyrannical employer.0:02:47CanadaEnglishDocumentary, ShortNo2014-11-30NoMatthew HayesMatthew HayesMatthew HayesMatthewHayesfreefoodfilms@gmail.com2015
The Gardens of St GeorgeThe Gardens of St George tells the story of an allotment garden in the St George area of Bristol, where local people and asylum seekers and political refugees work to grow food together. KingdomDocumentary, ShortNo2014-09-01NoAlistair OldhamAlistair OldhamALISTAIROLDHAMskinneroldham@gmail.com2015
Once Upon A TimeA poor crowded Kurdish family arrives from Batman to Ankara to work on the fields every year. Without any benefits and with very low wages, the family works to gain a living by cultivating lettuce. This year, the story takes a different turn gearing into a sudden, unexpected love story.1:22:00TurkeyKurdish, Turkish, FeatureNo2014-03-15NoKAZIM OZKAZIM OZKAZIM OZHakanPasalihakanpasali@gmail.com2015
Put DownJohn is a socially awkward man in a downward spiral of debt, until a lucky accident propels him into a new career as a black-market pet exterminator. In these difficult times, some families can no longer afford a pet. John has some inventive ways to help them. http://www.parlonfilm.com0:10:00United KingdomEnglishShortDark Comedy, RomanceNo2014-11-03NoRick LimentaniRick LimentaniRebeca CobosRickLimentanilimentani@gmail.com2015
Land of AmberMexican amber is found exclusively in the Simojovel region, State of Chiapas, in the South of Mexico. It’s hand extracted by indigenous men and children with hammers and chisels in tunnels dug into the mountainside. This rare and ancient amber can reach high prices in the
international market, especially when animals or plants are found trapped inside. The miners own their own mines, or rent from other indigenous for a small monthly rate; they keep everything they find, but they cannot reach the top buyers directly., Feature, Short, TelevisionLatin America, Indigenous, Mining, Social Justice, Environment, Economics, Sustainable DevelopmentNo2014-09-09NoLeticia Agudo, Alicia ArnandisLeticia Agudo, Alicia Arnandis PaulMcGrathbobby@whackala.com2015
Where is Don?An episode in the life of a journalist living unprotected under the nightmare of threats.0:10:10KosovoAlbanianShortYes2015-03-03NoMore RacaMore RacaSunaj RacaMoreRacaFemalemoreraca.director@gmail.com2015
LITTLE GIRL WITH IRON FISTBIMBA COL PUGNO CHIUSOGiovanna Marturano, is an antifascist, a partisan and a feminist. She has been on the forefront of countless social and political struggles from the end of WWII till the present. A century of Italian history is here narrated by a young 101 years old woman., portrait, woman, feminism, resistance, antifascistNo2013-04-13Noluca mandrile, claudio di mambro, umberto migliaccioluca mandrile, claudio di mambro, umberto migliaccioluca mandrile, claudio di mambro, umberto migliacciolucamandrileluca.mandrile@katamail.com2015
THE CARStanley’ been having some bad luck. After being kicked out of his apartment, he’ forced to live in his car in the parking lot at work. His boss, apparently having no other alternative, lets him go until he can find stable residence.

And it’ not even lunchtime.
Stanley and his car are about to have a very long day…
0:07:55CanadaEnglishShortDark Comedy, SatireNo2014-10-20NoJoffrey SaintraptJoffrey Saintrapt, Kyle McDonaldJoffrey Saintrapt, Kyle McDonaldJoffreySaintraptsaintjo@hotmail.ca2015
Ice and WaterIce and Water follows 38-year-old Jamie Le Rose over the course of an average workday and examines how nearly 20 years of roofing has physically and mentally affected him. Jamie has matured and young dreams may become irrelevant when he seeks new means to support his family. Over the course of the film, Jamie shares life, work, and musical experiences and how the roof has altered his goals and ambitions., ShortNo2014-09-25NoErik HuttErik HuttErik HuttErikHuttMaleerik_hutt@hotmail.com2015
einen koffereinen kofferReflections of a Mexican migrant to the US in the light of President Reagan “Tear down this wall” speech0:06:25MexicoEnglishShortNo2015-04-13NoSERGIO E. AVILESSergio E AvilesGerardo E. BlancoSergioAvilesMaleseraviles@gmail.com2015
Backwards From Ten“To die with dignity should be everybody’s right.” A doctor responsible for carrying out procedures in a euthanasia clinic falters when she receives an unexpected patient.0:11:30CanadaEnglishShort, StudentYes2015-04-14NoLaura ArboledaMackCalistanMalemackcalistan@gmail.com2015
One Step at a Time: A Story About Women and Shoes One Step at a Time overturns the stereotype of women’ obsessions with shoe consumption and focuses instead on the challenges and successes of four women pursing an unconventional career path in shoe production – specifically, in cobbling and in shoemaking. Weaving together four narratives into a unified thread, the film is a reflection on the challenges of learning detailed craft-based work in a rapidly vanishing Canadian industry.0:12:00CanadaEnglishDocumentary, Short, StudentYes2015-08-08YesSandra IgnagniSandraIgnagniFemalesaignagni@gmail.com2015
What day is today?Que dia √© hoje?Animated documentary short film made by the youth of the Portuguese city of Montemor-o- Novo. Over a two month period, these youngsters took a trip down memory lane to collect the testimonies of an older generation who witnessed 40 years of dictatorship and another 40 of fable-like democracy only to find out that the struggle for basic human rights has become, over the years, a delusion fueled by controls over currency and high consumption rates that numb and manipulate today’ society…, Documentary, Short, StudentNoYesColectivo Fotograma 24, Group of young people from Montemor-o-NovoColectivo Fotograma 24, Group of young people from Montemor-o-NovoColectivo fotograma 24, Juvenile Center of Montemor-o-NovoRodolfoPimentaOtherinfo.fotograma24@gmail.com2015
RANA PLAZA Victims of FashionOn April 24, 2013 a building in Bangladesh called Rana Plaza collapsed and killed 1034 garment workers and injured over 2500. The film ‚”RANA PLAZA Victims of Fashion” commemorates the victims of the Rana Plaza building collapse and looks into the greater issues of worker exploitation, worker’ safety and collective bargaining in Bangladesh. A Canadian delegation hear the stories from workers, the Bangladesh government and the International community supporting the workers in their efforts to gain the ability to collective bargain a fair wage and a safe work place, through The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.0:29:27CanadaDocumentaryNo2015-05-08NoFuad ChowdhuryFuad ChowdhuryLucien RoyerFuadChowdhuryMalefuad.moving.images@gmail.com2015
From the Mouth of the Mariner‘From the mouth of the Mariner’ is a glimpse into the life of an old Welsh sailor, and the rural Welsh landscape which he calls home. KingdomWelsh, Short, StudentDocumentaryYes2015-05-26NoJosh TilleyJosh TilleyJosh TilleyJoshTilleyMalejoshtilleyproductions@gmail.com2015
TalaTala is a young filipino domestic worker living with a bourgeois family on the north shore of Montreal. As she runs through her daily chores, dealing with the eccentricities of her employers, an unexpected phone call puts her at great risk of getting fired. Shot in a single long take and inspired by the current “Live-In Caregiver” program of the Canadian federal government, “Tala” tells a story of subtle oppression and re-empowerment, asking whether or not such a thing as ‚”subalterns” exist in modern Qu√©bec and Canada.0:12:13CanadaFrenchNo2014-01-01NoPier-Philippe ChevignyDanielleHornedchouinard@videographe.qc.ca2015
Short Story of a WorkerSefa works at a pastry shop. Although he has been working hard for a long time, he does not get the raise he deserves. One day Sefa decides to ask for a raise as what he earns is much lower than what he deserves.
0:16:23TurkeyTurkish ÇelikLokman ÇelikLokman Çelik, Yigit Emre OzaltinLokmanÇelikMalelokman0886@gmail.com2015
SteadfastFarmer Shel is a hopeless rice farmer who lives for his family, he works tirelessly night and day to provide for them. One night, what approaches Shel may keep him from providing for them, perhaps for good. CastroJay CastroJay CastroJayCastrojaybcastro@gmail.com2015
A Single BodyUn Seul CorpsBest friends and skilled abattoir workers David and Wani are saving to open their own butchery, but before they can realise their dream the arrival of a new worker will test the bonds of their shared life. http://www.dounoukos.com0:19:00FranceFrenchShortDraNo2014-07-31NoSotiris DounoukosSotiris DounoukosFrancois Pierre CavelSotirisDounoukossotiris.dounoukos@gmail.com2015
Camera/WomanWith enthusiastic musicians and ornate wedding parties setting the stage, we meet Khadija, a Moroccan divorcee who works as a camerawoman at weddings in Casablanca. Her mother and brother strongly disagree with her choice of occupation, complaining that Khadija is out until all hours and a source of gossip for the neighbours..0:59:30MoroccoArabic ZoubirKarima ZoubirLes Films de demainkarimazoubirFemalelesfilmsdedemain@gmail.com2015
The Street ArtistThe Street Artist is a short film depicting an ageing artist who despite his incredible talent, is disillusioned and in need of inspiration0:07:01JordanAnimationNo2014-11-10YesMahmoud HindawiMahmoud HindawiMahmoud HindawiMahmoudHindawiMalemahmoud.hindawi83@gmail.com2015
VishalVishal, a 22-year old international student, finds himself in a dingy, crowded suburban basement, trying to determine how he can balance work and school. Engrossed with his longing for home, and his inability to confess to his mother the hardships he suffers daily, Vishal is persuaded by his roommate Sourav to skip school and start work at an Indian restaurant.0:09:30CanadaPanjabi Judge, Ralph OrtegaSumit JudgeRalph OrtegaSumitJudgeMalesumit_judge@hotmail.com2015
The Sheep ShopGrandmother Sheep sells woollen sweaters at her shop. But where does the wool come from?0:03:17NetherlandsEnglishAnimation, Short, StudentYes2014-06-30YesJorn LeeuwerinkJorn LeeuwerinkJorn LeeuwerinkJornLeeuwerinkMalejorn@aapje.net2016
Pay Your Interns!Money is not the root of all evil Illegal Unpaid Internships are! In Canada, each year approximately 300,00 individuals (mostly female) take on unpaid work in the form of internships, but the number is likely much higher due to our government’s lack of interest in tracking illegal unpaid internships, or even recognizing that they exist.http://www.cowgirls-can-cut-it-films.com0:45:00CanadaEnglishShortNo2016-02-01YesCynthia Helen PandevCynthia Helen PandevCynthia Helen PandevSelf-Distributing
Cynthia HelenPandevFemalecpandev1565@rogers.com2016
My Awesome Sonorous LifeMy Awesome Sonorous LifeLorenzo is a 85 years old on set sound recordist who has been recording and archiving all sorts of sound all his life: every now and then he loves listening back to them, remembering in this way, past moments. For years now, Lorenzo is looking for a sound, the very last sound that will complete his lifetime collection. And so, everyday, the old sound recordist, armed with his “weird” sound equipment, leaves his house searching for that very sound. He finds many but none of them are the right one.0:06:58ItalyShortDrama, comedy, romanceNo2016-01-01NoGiordano TorreggianiGiordano Torreggiani, Filippo ProiettiGiordano Torreggiani, Filippo ProiettiGiordanoTorreggianiMaleretrovisorefilm@gmail.com2016
Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan ValleyResistencia: La lucha por el valle del AguánWhen the first military coup in a generation ousted the only president they ever believed in, these audacious farmers took over the plantations of the most powerful man in the country. With no plans to ever give them back.http://www.resistenciathefilm.com1:31:45CanadaEnglish, French, Spanish, FeaturePolitical, Personal, Thriller, Social justiceNo2015-01-20NoJesse FreestonDiego Briceño, Giulia FratiJesseFreestonMaleme@jessefreeston.com2016
Goodwin’s WayAlmost a century after controversial labour activist Ginger Goodwin was shot, residents of Cumberland, B.C. find themselves at a crossroads when highway signs honouring his memory disappear. Goodwin’s Way examines a town’s grassroots resistance to a coal-powered future, as Cumberland residents reconnect with Goodwin’ legacy of passionate defiance: his “way”. http://www.goodwinsway.com0:55:51CanadaEnglishDocumentary, FeatureHistorical, Political, Activism, LaborNo2016-01-04YesNeil VokeyNeil VokeyNeil VokeyNeilVokeyMalenrvokey@gmail.com2016
UDITA (ARISE!)Immediate and viscerally affecting, ‘UDITA’ follows 5 years in the lives of the women at the grass roots of the garment workers struggle in Bangladesh. From 2010, when connection to a union would lead to beatings, sacking and arrests; through the tragedies of Tazreen and Rana Plaza, and to the present day, when the long fight begins to pay dividends.1:12:00United KingdomBengali York, Hannan MajidHannan Majid, Richard YorkHannanMajidrainbowcollective@inbox.com2016
Every Row a PathIn the berry fields of Washington State’ Skagit valley, migrant teenage girls struggle to balance family and school with back-breaking agricultural work. Statistically, they are destined to fail, but five young women are determined to beat those odds. A collaboration between documentary filmmaker, Jill Freidberg, and the migrant youth of Mount Vernon, Every Row a Path opens a window onto the daily struggles and triumphs of being young, migrant, and female in rural America. http://everyrow.com0:29:00United StatesEnglish, Spanish, ShortNo2015-10-07NoJill FreidbergJanice BlackmoreJillFreidbergFemalejill.freidberg@gmail.com2016
Armenian PapersPapiers d’Arm√©nieAt the market of Yerevan, a merchant invites us to share his fruits and his history‚Ķ
Accompanied by birds, we discover the life of this man full of the colours of Armenia…, Documentary, Short, Studentfictional-documentary, travelYes2015-07-01YesOrnella MacchiaOrnella MacchiaVincent GilotADIFAC
The Real WorkThe video essay interrogates the concept of “hard work” through interviews and a social experiment in which 15 people dig holes in a field during a tempestuous Vermont day.0:05:10United StatesEnglishDocumentary, ShortNo2016-03-10YesJamie McCallumJamie McCallumJamie McCallumJamieMcCallumMalemccallum@middlebury.edu2016
The age of reasonL’√¢ge de raisonIn Pablo’ world, each citizen chooses his career at the age of seven ‚Äì with disastrous consequences for society. Pablo and his friends decide to take matters into their own hands.0:15:00FranceFrenchShortNo2016-01-01YesMathilde PetitMathilde PetitNicolas Descalles, Nicolas LivecchiOCS
Paid TV
Wooden tongueA big boss is recording a video to reassure his employees about the future of the company when a stubborn cough makes the performance difficult. jasmin, Philippe Morandphilippe jasminTOTEMPRODPhilippejasmincontact@totemprod.com2016
I amJe suis
This is a great day for Mr. Bartleby . This is the culmination of his career he will deliver a speech later to a major acquisition that has just finalized
0:03:00FranceFrenchShortNo2016-01-01NoJacques CollinJacques CollinLaconséquenceMalebiwfr@yahoo.com2016
Baits and HooksMamci i udiceTwo fishing buddies, Big brother and some fish stew. BAITS AND HOOKS is a black comedy inspired by the style oft he Czech New Wave about how two workers of an old factory face the transition from socialism to capitalism. A short and sweet film about friendship and cooking but also about a generation of workers who have to deal with the changed system.0:09:50SwitzerlandSerbianFeatureYes2014-01-12NoLuka PopadićLuka Popadić, Tamara BaračkovLuka Popadić, Tanja ŽeželjLukaPopadićlukapopa@gmail.com2016
AusterityŒõŒπœÑœåœÑŒ∑œÑŒ±A story about the preservation of a man’s dignity within the recent times of the Greek financial crisis, as well as his personal uprising against the severe austerity measures imposed on the common people. Inspired by true events.http://www.austerityfilm.com0:14:59CyprusModern Greek (1453-), StudentYes2015-04-01YesRenos GavrisRenos GavrisRenos GavrisRenosGavrisMalegavrisr@gmail.com2016
A Living WageAt the front lines of the struggle in Boston for a $15 minimum wage and union rights are Darius Cephas, a McDonald’ fry cook, and Tiny Figueroa, barista at Dunkin’ Donuts. Over the course of one year, A LIVING WAGE follows Tiny and Darius as they organize for economic justice, help build a major grassroots social movement and force local politicians into action.http://www.alivingwagefilm.com0:20:00United StatesEnglish, Short, Studentdocumentary, social issueYes2016-01-01NoDan Albright, Andy KeyesDan AlbrightDanAlbrightMalealbright.dan1994@gmail.com2016
LimpiadoresMigrating is seldom an easy solution. It is rather a journey that begins with a journey. ‘Limpiadores’ captures the life and struggles of the invisible migrant workers that make sure offices and classrooms are spotless before staff and students arrive at some of London’ most prestigious Universities.http://www.limpiadoresdoc.com0:39:19United KingdomEnglish, Portuguese, Spanish, Short, StudentYes2015-10-22YesFernando MitjansFernando MitjansFernandoMitjansMalefernando.mitjans@gmail.com2016
BatasBatasAdila is a young moslem girl. She and her sister is going to an interview in an excellent company in Jakarta. While her sister is being interviewed, she’s called by some of her relatives, one of them tells her that the company usually rejects girl that wears hijab. Adila gets nervous, she’s forced to choose between her beliefs and future job.0:09:50IndonesiaIndonesianShortDramaYes2016-01-15NoErvan AdityaErvan AdityaAngelia LeanarthaAngeliaLeanarthaFemaleapleanartha@gmail.com2016
I am a machineBased on a poem of Morris Rosenfeld spoken in yiddish, a jewish textile worker in Montreal rediscovers the past of her community and the struggles of the jewish working class. 0:06:00CanadaEnglishDocumentary, Experimental, Short, StudentYes2016-04-01NoPierre Luc JunetPierre Luc JunetPierre LucJunetMalepljunet@gmail.com2016
They Call Us Maids – the Domestic Workers’ StoryThe true story of today’ migrant domestic workers, women from the Philippines, Indonesia, North Africa and South-East Asia, who go abroad to support their families. Told in vivid, hand-painted animation.Ôªø KingdomEnglishAnimation, Documentary, ShortNo2015-11-01NoLeeds Animation WorkshopTerry WraggLeeds Animation WorkshopLeeds Animation Workshop
United Kingdom
All Rights
Leeds Animation
The Migrants- (Retirantes)The short film The Migrants -Retirantes tells the story of a woman traveling through an arid, depopulated region, unable to feed her baby. It presents a dreamlike vision that uses the unique elements of the area where the film is set. A religious procession praying for help, children, local peasants and a group playing traditional music are some of the figures who appear in this sensitive, magical portrait of a suffering people and their difficulties and idiosyncrasies0:13:23BrazilPortugueseAnimation, Experimental, Short, OtherNo2014-09-01YesMaira Teixeira CoelhoJackson ZambelliVanessa Remonti, Adriana Hiller, Maíra CoelhoMairaCoelhoFemalecoelho.maira@gmail.com2016
STRIKE 160:14:10Not SpecifiedDocumentaryNoNoPatriciaChongpattyunioncakes@gmail.com2016
touchWhen a single mom, facing eviction, is offered a night’ work, she unsuccessfully seeks a babysitter for her two small children. Desperate, she reaches out to the last person she wants to ask for a favour.http://www.shortfilmtouch.ca0:15:00CanadaEnglish HarrisNoel HarrisMark O’NeillNetwork Ireland Television
All Rights
The Echoes of Chloe CooleyFeaturing conversations with 87 year-old, Order of Ontario Historian, Wilma Morrison, who speaks of the legacy of an omitted and misrepresented history of slavery in Canadian society – and where Chloe’s echoes occur today; The Echoes of Chloe Cooley tells the founding story of the Underground Railroad on the Niagara Frontier, and how the resistance of one woman created both, the first anti-slavery law in the British Empire, and the first refugee movement to Canada. This film was made on an iphone., ShortHistorical, Political, JusticeNo2016-01-08NoAndrea ConteAndrea ConteAndrea ConteAndreaConteandrea@andreaconte.org2017
Necessity Has No law Is your place now in control of your place later ?
Most of the children over the world have a lot of ambitions and aspirations for their Future But Gamal does not . Gamal is a boy from a small city in Egypt does not have any plans or even ideas for his future .
it is a Day in the life of ( Gamal ) a child begins his life as a worker in one of the brick factory and between an old man finish his life in the same hard profession for a young boy and old man , because the Necessity Has No law or you can say the Life Has No law
0:06:01EgyptArabicDocumentary, Short, StudentYes2017-12-25NoAhmed HamedAhmed HamedAhmed HamedAhmedHamedMaleahmedhamed122122@gmail.com2017
The Lost ChildhoodAll children are not fortunate enough to enjoy their childhood, for some the basic and mere privilege’ becomes a dream, and this friction story revolves around a boy who instead of having a school bag over his shoulder carries the burden of a garbage bag, and desire for a normal life knowing that it is next to impossible he continues to battle for his life.

0:00:00IndiaHindi Kumar DasRaj Kumar DasRajiv TulsyanRAJ
The Orange StoryFebruary 1942. President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066, which authorizes the forced ‚”relocation” of 120,000 ethnic Japanese from their homes and into incarceration camps throughout the U.S. Koji Oshima is the proud owner of a small corner grocery store, but he must now abandon everything and report to an assembly center. StatesEnglish Street HopmanEugene Sun Park, Erika Street HopmanEugene Sun Park, Jason Matsumoto EugeneParktos@fullspectrumfeatures.com2017
The Fisherman of LesbosFishing used to relax Kostas Pinteris, one of the fishermen at the picturesque village of Skala Sykamias. He’s been fishing since he was a kid and knows the sea well. But, for the last two years his life has changed. As the Greek island of Lesbos is at the forefront of the European refugee crisis, boatload after boatload of men, women, and children fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere arrive on its shores.0:04:57CanadaModern Greek (1453-)Documentary, Short, Web / New MediaDocumentaryNo2016-08-18NoNikolia ApostolouNikoliaApostolouFemalenikolia.apostolou@gmail.com2017
Huicholes del TabacoEach year, during dry season, Huichol families from the Sierra Madre in Nayarit, leave their communities to look for jobs as day laborers growing, cutting and harvesting tobacco on the northern coast of Nayarit state, in Mexico. Most of the workers travel with their entire families: pregnant women, kids and new born child included.0:10:00MexicoSpanishésar RodriguezCesarRodriguezMalewoingfat@gmail.com2017
The Devil of JobsA visit to the Jobcentre takes a dark turn when three job-hunters stumble upon the office of the mysterious Mr.Inferno. They soon discover that are no time differences in hell… KingdomEnglishFeature, ShortNo2014-11-02NoBeacon Hill ArtsMichelle FoxBeaconFilmslucydrobson@outlook.com2017
My Friend Ivor Two friends from small Polish village, Piotr (60) and Ivor (45), embark on a journey to England being promised a job and better life. But soon their hopes are shattered: they’ve been lured by Roma’s gang to do slavery work with no chance to escape.0:08:00United KingdomEnglish Aleksandra CzenczekAleksandra Czenczek, Jessica Madu Adriana KuligAdrianaKuligFemaleadrianna.kulig@gmail.com2017
Introduction to Workers’ History; 5 Part Animated SeriesThe Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, with our partners Jeff Allen Videos and Cut and Paste Design, produced a 5-part animated video series introducing viewers to working-class history. 0:39:35CanadaEnglishAnimation, Documentary, ShortAnimated DocumentaryNo2016-12-31NoJeff Allen, Deja Springfield, Jeff Sylvester, Jordan ThompsonJordan ThompsonJeff Allen Videos, Cut and Paste Design, Alberta Union of Provincial EmployeesJordanThompsonMalej.thompson@aupe.org2017
Nobody Dies HerePerma gold mine, Benin. Some dream to find something, others realized there was nothing to be found. Some dig relentlessly hoping to become rich, others died in the process. And a few of them say that here, nobody dies. http://www.nobodydieshere.com0:23:21FranceFrench PanaySimon Panay7th Art Releasing
United States
All Rights

Adastra Films
All Rights
A passion of gold and fireUne passion d’or et de feuA beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. A passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep on living.0:06:05BelgiumFrench S√©bastienPins S√©bastienPins S√©bastienS√©bastienPinsinfo@alchimie-production.be2017
THE CHOP‘The Chop’ is a comedy about Yossi, a charismatic Kosher butcher who loses his job, cannot find work at other Kosher butchers, and therefore decides to pretend to be Muslim in order to get work at¬†a¬†Halal¬†butchers.
http:// lewisrosefilm.com0:14:59United KingdomEnglishShortNo2015-11-18No Lewis Rose Lewis RoseDaphnée HocquardSalaud Morisset
Bitter Grapes – Slavery in the vineyards22 years after Apartheid regime’s fall, this is still the reality in many of South Africa’s vineyards. In just ten years, imports of South African wine to Denmark increased by more than 78%. In Sweden, South African wine is the number top three seller.http://www.bittergrapes.net0:57:00DenmarkAfrikaans, Danish, English, Swedish, TelevisionNo2016-10-19NoTom HeinemannTom HeinemannHeinemann MediaDR International Sales
All Rights
Garcon!Mathieu, serveur au restaurant de l’Abbaye, va devoir faire face au pire client qu’il lui ait jamais √©t√© donn√© de servir ! LALLARTOlivier LALLARTPatrick HERNANDEZNEXT FILM DISTRIBUTION
French GuianaGuiana FrancesaIt tells the misadventures of Guiana, who works at the cabaret in Fortaleza City. Guiana dreams to live in France, until a mysterious woman promises to change his destiny., LGBTNo2017-08-01NoEdmilson Filho, Olavo JuniorEdmilson FilhoEdmilson Filho, Eduardo Teófilo, Beatriz Oliveira, Lucas TimbóMÊI DO MUNDO PRODUÇÕES
All Rights
gut feeling a girl is at work when she is asked to put something away. she doesn’t feel comfortable with doing it, which leads to an accident. 0:01:51CanadaShort, StudentYes2017-12-20YesAutumn Caldwell-IvancicAutumn Caldwell-IvancicAutumnIvancicautumnivancic123@gmail.com2018
EverydayTous les joursFran√ßoise is a company director. She is under the perverse psychological influence of her superior. But is it real or is it an hallucination caused by her anguish? ORREINDYPhilippe ORREINDY, Jean-Michel MEZIBrewenn HELLEC, Les Films de l’Heure BleueLes Films de l’Heure Bleue
All Rights
Philippe OrreindyMaleorreindy@club-internet.fr2018
Haunted WitnessTrauma suffered by crime reporters is an under-reported and stigmatised issue. It is often forgotten or widely unacknowledged that like policeman and paramedics, journalists are first responders to daily scenes of horror. Admitting to experiencing trauma to newsroom colleagues, however, is widely denounced within the industry.
The overwhelming majority of news people whose lives and careers are touched by traumatic stress are not covering brutal wars or natural disasters in distant lands. They are mostly domestic journalists who witness car accidents, murder scenes, suicides and plane crashes.
0:10:10AustraliaEnglish ClarkeDaniel Clarke, Amy PysdenDaniel ClarkeMalenintimedia@outlook.com2018
Porters. Slaves of the Southern Border Porteadoras. Las esclavas de la frontera Sur ‚”Porters. Slaves of the South Border” is a short film describing a day in the life of the porters from Melilla, at the Southern border of Spain. They have to wait endlessly outdoor, exposed to any weather condition: extreme heat, cold, rain‚Ķ And obviously with no basic hygiene, health and security standards. They suffer harassment, insults, abuse, humiliation and even sexual aggressions from security forces on both sides of the border.0:10:33SpainSpanishDocumentaryHuman Rights, WomenNo2018-02-09NoAmparo ClimentAmparo ClimentH√©ctor Melgares, Giovanna RibesTarann√† Films Femaledistribucion@tarannafilms.com2018
WORKTRABAJOIn October of 2017, people from more than 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean filmed their work routine. From dawn to dusk, a mosaic of daily difficulties, aspirations and dreams is revealed. It’s an eye-opening look into how everyday workers are perceived and how hard it can be to get ahead., Plurinational State ofSpanish Laprise, Pablo RiveroAlexandre Laprise, Pablo RiveroAlexandre Laprise, Pablo RiveroJuan PabloUriosteMalefotojpurioste@gmail.com2018
On Your OwnPor Conta Pr√≥priaMozambique has one of the most emergent economies in Africa but, in spite of its fast economic growth, the informal workers’ market is still the one that supports more families in the country. It’ the difference between being protected by labour laws and at the mercy of the employer. To be able to miss work one day to go to the doctor, when they are ill. To benefit from maternity leave. And, finally, to have a pension at an old age. Alberto, Vict√≥ria, Crizalda, Beto and Am√©lia, like many other Mozambicans, are on their own. They talk to us about what is still to be done so they can contribute for the country and reap the benefits of their effort., ShortNo2018-01-08NoF√°bio RibeiroAna QueirozFernando
Quanto Basta“Your job is to be a mother and a wife.”
An exploration of gender roles in Italian Canadian culture through Paola’s struggle to get an education.
0:11:00CanadaDocumentaryYes2017-05-01NoNicole ZimmerNicoleZimmerFemalenicolejzimmer@gmail.com2018
The Beds of OthersLas otras camasLaura is a sexual assistant for people with functional diversity. Her boyfriend, Marco, is desperate to find work to change the situation. Perhaps the only thing all we need is a little affection to feel alive.0:15:00SpainSpanishShortNo2018-02-22NoJonay GarcíaJonay GarcíaJairo L√≥pez, Domingo J. Gonz√°lez, Jonay GarcíaDigital 104 Film DIstribution
All Rights
Digital 104Maledistribucion104@gmail.com2018
Nouvelle CuisineA chef that loves his job and enjoys the delicacies he cooks, is preparing a very different menu for a peculiar group of clients.http://www.nouvellecuisinemovie.com0:04:22Spain, ShortFantasy, Food, Comedy, HorrorNo2017-05-17NoManuel Reyes HalabyManuel Reyes Halaby, Tenesor Cruz NiesvaaraManuel Reyes HalabyDigital 104 Film Distribution
All Rights
Digital 104Maledistribucion104@gmail.com2018
17 years together17 años juntos“17 años juntos” (17 years together) tells a touching love story that began 17 years ago and remains as strong as it was on the first day. Under this premise, Fesser delves into the lives of two couples: Pepe and Asun, who have been married for 17 years, and Walter and Mardelina, domestic employees who have to take care of everything for the celebration. Although it is also Mardelina’s birthday and both had asked for the night off.
0:15:00SpainSpanishShortNo2016-08-16NoJavier FesserJavier Fesser, Claro GarcíaLuis MansoYAQDistribuci√≥nFemalealicia@yaqdistribucion.com2018
Kampung TapirA Sunday afternoon, migrant worker Anne and her husband leave their five years old daughter from Kampung Tapir (Tapir Village), Malaysia. On the way to Singapore, the bus their ride hit a wild Malayan tapir which wanted to cross the road, but no one is eager to save it. In the struggling of choosing a country to settle down, Anne founds that she is like this endangered species, drifting places to find their own better life.0:17:15MalaysiaChinese, Malay See WeeAw See WeeOoi Wei SengAstro Shaw Sdn. Bhd.
All Rights

Aw See Wee
All Rights
See WeeAwMaleawseewee@hotmail.com2018
Our StoryLa nostra storiaEmigration is a common territory that has involved many people all over the world.
The stories of today’s emigrants are the stories of our past.
Their ‘story’ is our story. It is everyone’s story.
0:04:31Italy, EducationalNo2018-02-15NoLorenzo LatrofaLorenzo LatrofaAlessandro BorrelliLa Sarraz Pictures
All Rights
Eusebio80Eusebio80A hard worker of the new era, a hero., ShortNo2017-08-15NoJes√∫s Martínez, Iv√°n MolinaJes√∫s Martínez, Iv√°n MolinaJes√∫s Martínez, Jes√∫s Soria (MMS, Distribuci√≥n de Cortometrajes)MMS, Distribuci√≥n de Cortometrajes
All Rights
EAST: A RelationshipEAST’: A Relationship is primarily a short film about how an individual’s relationship with people shaped her relationship with the land. The logo reads, ‘EAST’ alif / ya / seen / tah, in Arabic kulfic script. EAST, is where she comes from, the Middle East and South Asia, and it is also her location in relation to Toronto, i.e. Scarborough. Her relationship to EAST, both locations, have impacted her social standing, and social community., Experimental, ShortYes2018-03-23YesNoor KhanNoor KhanNoorKhanFemaleby@noorkhan.co2018
TWO THEMESDOS TEMITAS“Two themes” is a Colombian documentary short film that tells the story of Adriana; an artist, immigrant and fighter woman who symbolizes, if you will, the entire community of street merchants and independent workers who are daily persecuted by state codes and laws that prohibit their free right to work in the public spaces of big cities. In a social context of unemployment and lack of opportunities in life, traditional Colombian music has given her the right way to carry on with her life and of her child, motivating her to become the great harpist of mass transport, like Transmilenio., social, human, music, artsNo2017-12-21NoMateo Leguizam√≥n, Alejandra Mu√±ozMateo Leguizam√≥nAlejandra Mu√±ozMateLeguizam√≥nMaleelmatssx@hotmail.com2018
Voices for Peace. LandsVoces por la PazVoices for Peace is a short animation of the Colombian Peace Process with special attention in the personal experience and lifestyles of the colombian conflict and the hopes of a country that begins to look forward to a future with social justice., Bolivarian Republic ofSpanishAnimationdocumental, historia, paz, colombiaNoNoCarlos Zerpa, Mecha Cooperativa, Rodrigo GarcíaPatricia Franco, Eduardo FebresMechaCooperativaOtherhola@mecha.pro2018
The Little ShoemakerIn a timeless street of Paris stands a shoemaker’ shop. Mr. Botte takes care of his shoes with such passion and skill that they come to life and start moving in his expert hands.0:05:32FranceAnimation, Short, StudentYes2015-06-30YesGalaad ALAIS, Terry BONVARD, Charley CARLIER, Romain CISLO, Pierre-Yves LEFEBVRE, Philippe LIM, Benjamin MARIOTTE, Karen NAWFALXavier ROUSSELLELuceGrosjeanFemaleinscription@sevefilms.com2018
TERRAFORM“Terraform” tells the true story of the hardships and sacrifices the sulphur miners of KawahIjen in Indonesia make in order to provide for their family. KingdomEnglishDocumentary, Music Video, ShortHuman Rights, Music, EnvironmentNo2017-10-05NoSIL VAN DER WOERD, JORIK DOZYSIL VAN DER WOERD, JORIK DOZYSEAN LIN, NEW FRONTIER PICTURESPROMOFEST
All Rights
The Issue of Mr. O’DellA documentary about Jack O’Dell, a 94-year old African-American civil rights activist., StudentYes2018-01-01NoRami KatzRami KatzRamiKatzMaleramihkatz@gmail.com2018
Trabajadores55 years later, Arturo S. Rodríguez, president of the United Farm Workers of America, continues the task that C√©sar Ch√°vez started, with the upcoming threat of the new Trump administration and the negative impact it may have on undocumented workers’ jobs and rights.0:10:22United StatesEnglish, SpanishDocumentary, ShortYes2017-06-01NoPedro PeiraPedro Peira55 years later, Arturo S. Rodríguez, president of the United Farm Workers of America, continues the task that C√©sar Ch√°vez started, with the upcoming threat of the new Trump administration and the negative impact it may have on undocumented workers’ jobs and rights.Festimania
All Rights
Life of DeathDeath, while struggling to balance his work and family life,
talks about his existence, his job, and his opinions on human
beings in an interview from the documentary ‚ÄòLife of Death’.
0:05:23IndonesiaEnglish, Documentary, Short, StudentFiction, Mockumentary, Animation, Documentary, ComedyYes2018-02-19NoJason Kiantoro, Bryan ArfiandyJason Kiantoro, Bryan ArfiandyJason Kiantoro, Bryan ArfiandyPentaMotionMalejasonkiantoro@gmail.com2018
Bigman BusinessmanBusinessman, Mr Bigman, doesn’t seem to be able to find the joy in his work life. StatesAnimation, Short, StudentComedy, DramaYes2018-04-13YesClarisse ChuaClarisseChuaFemaleclarissechua@alum.calarts.edu2018
DealEva is Paraguayan immigrant and works as a maid in the home of a wealthy family that has two little children. Eva takes care of them and raises them. But her children are far away, in the care of their grandmother. Eva does not have enough resources to support them and her reality is far from improving. Feeling desperate for an insurmountable situation, Eva finds a particular way of getting ahead.http://www.cosmica.land0:14:00ArgentinaSpanish, Human Rights, DDHH, Social, Women, Work, immigrationNo2017-01-02YesGisela BenenzonGisela BenenzonJuan Pablo RedondoJuan Pablo Redondo
All Rights
Juan PabloRedondoMalejuanpredondo@gmail.com2018
Port Triumphpuerto el triunfoIn the 1970s, the 1500 organized workers of Puerto el Triunfo – mostly women Рthanks to their struggles were amongst the more privileged laborers in the country. Then, state repression eliminated union leaders or drove them into exile. By 1990, the industry collapsed. The film provides a window into neoliberalism.

http://puertotriunfofilm.com1:01:00El SalvadorDocumentaryNo2018-01-01Nojeff gouldjeff gouldjeff gould jeffgouldMalegouldj@indiana.edu2018
24-Hour WorkdayHow can 24-hour workdays exist in the 21st century? 24-HOUR WORKDAY exposes the conditions of long hours and wage theft that working people are currently facing. In the progressive State of New York, many home attendants–mostly immigrants and women–are forced to work grueling 24-hour shifts taking care of seriously-ill patients, with only half of the pay. Worse, they meet with obstacles from the State government which tries to legalize such inhumane practice. These workers come together to demand back pay and change of 24-hour shifts to split shifts, and unite with patients to mount a challenge against this state-sponsored sweatshop.http://aintiawoman.org0:14:40United StatesChinese, English, SpanishDocumentary, ShortNo2018-09-14NoZishun NingMika NagasakiZishunNingMalezishun.ning@gmail.com2019
ZeroOnce upon a time there was a town where nobody drank Coca-cola.0:08:50SpainSpanishShortComedy, Drama, Work, Coca-colaNo2018-05-18NoDavid Maci√°n MontesinosDavid Maci√°n MontesinosDavid Maci√°n MontesinosDavidMaciandavidmacian@gmail.com2019
The STAINThe old man of the cinema salon cleaner after the release of the movie takes care of
he stain on the screen …
0:12:42Iran, Islamic Republic ofKurdish, Short, StudentYes2020-09-29YesShoresh vakiliShoresh vakilishoresh vakilishoreshvakiliMaleshoresh.vakili.art7@gmail.com2019
Do not ask for your wayAfter 6 years of analysis, Inès, 31 years old, wishes to leave her analyst. When confronted with the magnitude of the task, she decides to get help… from another analyst.http://www.lesfilmsducygne.com0:15:00FranceShortComedyNo2019-01-01YesDeborah HassounDéborah HassounJonathan HazanLes Films du Cygne
The Glasgow Women StrikeAfter decades of earning less than their male counterparts, Glasgow’s female cooks, cleaners and caregivers launch the biggest Equal Pay Strike in UK History.0:11:20SwitzerlandDocumentaryYes2019-04-01NoLeo David Hyde, Nathalie BergerNathalieBergerFemalecollective.bievre@gmail.com2019
CouncilwomanA hotel housekeeper from the Dominican Republic, Carmen Castillo, has won a City Council seat in Providence, RI, taking her advocacy for low-income workers from the margins to the center. She faces skeptics who say she doesn’t have the education to govern, the power of corporate interests who take a stand against her fight for a $15/hourly wage in the City, and a tough re-election against two contenders‚Äîall of this while balancing the challenges of managing a full-time job cleaning hotel rooms, and a personal relationship. It’ a journey behind the scenes of politics after the victory.http://www.CouncilwomanFilm.com0.041666667United StatesEnglish, SpanishDocumentaryNo2018-09-10YesMargo GuernseyPatricia BenabeMargoGuernseymargo@timetravelproductions.com2019
AZADEHAzadeh living in the village With her Family,
She want go to city for visit her father for the last time, but her mother and brother doesn’t allow her‚Ķ
0:09:30Iran, Islamic Republic ofPersian KhosravinezhadMirabbas KhosravinezhadMirabbas KhosravinezhadmirabbaskhosravinezhadMalemirabbaskhosravi@gmail.com2019
Rethabile’s Story – Full VersionIn the garment factories of Maseru, Lesotho, the workers make clothes to be sold in the United States. What is day-to-day life like in the factories? Let ex-factory worker Rethabile take you to the places she used to work, meet her friends, and describe her role in the Decent Work Regulation project. SpecifiedEnglish, Other, ShortNo2019-02-25NoDarren HutchinsonDarren HutchinsonDarren
A Radiant SphereThe filmmaker enters the archive and discovers a long lost family member, the Canadian Communist poet and political prisoner, Joe Wallace. Her journey reveals his fascinating life and work, and some surprising things they share in common.https://sarawylie.ca0:09:27CanadaEnglishDocumentary, Shorthistory, personal, archivalNo2018-12-31NoSara WylieSara WylieSara WylieSaraWyliesekwylie@gmail.com2019
Women at the Bargaining Table. White-collar unionization at Carleton UniversityIn the mid-1970s, women across Canada were fighting to improve their lives at home and at work and white collar unionism was on the rise. At Carleton University, successful movements to unionize faculty, academic librarians, and support staff were led by women.0:21:55CanadaEnglishDocumentaryNo2019-03-01YesMartha Attridge Bufton and David DeanOriginal research by Martha Attridge Bufton and screenplay by Elizabeth ParadisMartha Attridge Bufton and David DeanMarthaAttridge BuftonFemalemarthabufton@gmail.com2019
DON’T GIVE UP YOUR VOICENO RESIGNAR LA VOZArgentina elected president Macri a year before we in the U.S. elected Trump. The two are similar in how they campaigned and the policies they have promoted once in office. But Argentines are resilient, and they have fought right wing governments before. DON’T GIVE UP YOUR VOICE looks at the widespread and creative resistance to Macri’s policies, in organized labor, at worker coops, street protests, theater and music, offering inspiration for us in the North. These forces helped defeat Macri’ bid for a second term in office in October, 2019.0:40:00United StatesEnglish, Spanish, ShortNo2018-08-15NoMark Dworkin, Melissa YoungMark Dworkin, Melissa YoungMelissa Young, Mark DworkinBullfrog Films
Pay Per View, Video / Disc

Moving Images
Theatrical, Free TV
A Model EmployeeTo keep her day job at a local restaurant, an aspiring DJ has to wear a tracking wristband. As it tracks her life outside of work, she tries to fool the system, but a new device upgrade means trouble.0:13:44CanadaEnglish KhalilzadehTim MaughanSava Saheli Singh, Leila KhalilzadehLeilaKhalilzadehFemaleleila_ttt@yahoo.com2019
Town of Widows In a factory town both sustained and poisoned by big industry, a growing group of widows, workers and family members fight for justice in a system stacked against injured workers. Jim is sick of going to funerals. Roger has regular surgeries to keep him alive. Sandy still struggles to pay the bills twenty years after her husband died. Their town is sick, and they want justice.http://www.townofwidows.com0:44:00CanadaEnglish Luckhardt, Rob ViscardisNatasha LuckhardtCanadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Point of View (POV) Docs
Internet, Video on Demand, Pay Per View, Free TV
When Asians AuditionThis is a short comedy sketch of what happens when Asians audition0:00:44CanadaEnglishShort, Web / New MediaNo2019-11-21YesPhilip UK YangPhilip Uk YangPhilip YangPhilipYangMaleyangp87@hotmail.com2020
Birth Of A UnionDespite being full time employees of the State of North Carolina, wages of many workers have been so low, that they have qualified for Federal food stamps. The film chronicles the historic and heroic effort to organize low wage workers in North Carolina, where it is actually illegal for any Sate agency to agree to a Union contract.0:19:41United StatesEnglish KaranJosh KaranJosh KaranJosh Karan
United States
Aguan-Sun Behind the HorizonBangladesh’ socio-cultural environment always stands on gender discrimination, Girls are often considered to be financial burdens on their family and from the time of birth. Empowering women is still a dream from generation to generation. This is the story of Ms. Rahela Begum a 22 years old single unfortunate mother becoming a female rickshaw-puller, who breaking traditional gender roles while supporting her two children when her husband left her.0:08:40BangladeshBengali, Short, StudentYes2022-06-01NoNovera Hasan NikkonNovera Hasan NikkonNovera Hasan NikkonNovera Hasan Nikkon
All Rights
novera hasannikkonFemalenoverahasan1998@gmail.com2020
Kumum GecesiKumun Gecesi From the late 1980s till 2009 thousands of workers have worked in ateliers of denim sandblasting ateliers (mostly underground workshops) in Istanbul. All these workers who have ever worked in these ateliers, have been caught up in disease of silicosis which has no treatment.0:24:33TurkeyKurdish, Turkish hakları, işçi hakları, YaşamNoNoAli ErgülAli ErgülAliErgulOtherergul151@gmail.com2020
The TwinsThe greatest love endures the greatest sacrifice. The film revolves around the story of Ah Ma,and her Twins Ah Boy & Ah Girl. Chinese family traditionally prefer boys over girls but often forget the sacrifices made by their daughter. However, with a twist of fate, things change and forever changes the dynamics of this family., Cru Bannon, Douglas Ho, Yuriz JoeWKNDPRJCTS, Cru Bannon, Douglas Ho, Yuriz Joe, Ruby Faye, Tan Mei LingWKNDPRJCTSCruBannonMalecrubannon@gmail.com2020
Gathering CircleA short documentary about the Indigenous architects and collaborators behind the new Indigenous public space built in Collingwood, Canada.http://www.mgfc.ca0:10:17CanadaEnglish StrnadTracey StrnadTom StrnadTomStrnadMaletom@mountaingoatfilm.com2020
Animal CallingThe short documentary Animal Calling, is an intimate portrait following a recently-graduated, young veterinarian, enjoying a rare and relaxing morning in her blissful country home. While she quietly prepares for her day, we’re intermittently transported to her place of work as she reflects on the mental health crisis currently impacting the field of animal care‚Äîrevealing the emotional and psychological challenges faced by those dedicating their lives to veterinary medicine.http://www.animalcallingdoc.com0:06:08CanadaEnglish, Short, StudentYes2020-01-28YesCandice DixonCandice DixonOlivia Chafe, Samantha YabutCandiceDixonFemalecandice_dixon@outlook.com2020
THE CALLPablo Soto works as a tour guide in Berlin. Elena Cruz spreads propaganda in Los Angeles. Alicia Costa is a waitress in Paris. They left behind that call that made them suffer too much. Today their phones are ringing again. That call returns.0:19:28SpainEnglish, French, GermanFeature, ShortDRAMANo2020-04-01NoLAURA M. CAMPOSGORKALEONMalegorkaleon@thehouseoffilms.com2020
Trap FishingGet up close and personal with one of the last remaining trap fishing families in Rhode Island. Meet Corey Wheeler Forrest, her father Alan Wheeler and brother Luke Wheeler. Learn the art of trap fishing and what it takes to make a living on the water. StatesEnglishDocumentary, ShortNo2017-09-15NoDavid Helfer WellsDavid Helfer WellsDavid HelferWellsMaledavid@davidhwells.com2020
SERFSERF is an animation short film about a little robot that works in a huge factory. He is stuck there working in the same routine every day until the day that he discovers the world outside. StatesAnimationSci-Fi, Puppet, Drama, FantasyYes2018-10-09NoRamon FariaRamonFariaMaleramonfaria.estudio@gmail.com2020
FiladelphiaFiladelphia‚”Men here can take two weeks. In a month, they won’t be here anymore”. In a wooden shed on the east side of S√£o Paulo, 16 women work sorting recycling material in Filadelphia Cooperative. A subject inevitably comes up: why do men give up so early to work in the cooperative?0:07:00BrazilPortugueseDocumentaryYes2018-12-31NoDani DrumondDani DrumondDaniDrumondMalerd.drumond@gmail.com2020
Forty Thousand a MonthIndu, asks her father Venkat Rao who has a very hectic job, to take her to a movie one day. What happens next, forms the short film.0:09:30IndiaTeluguShortDramaNo2020-03-08NoVinay Teja ReddyVinay Teja ReddyVinay Teja ReddyVinayReddyMalevinayreddy3101@gmail.com2020
I another: an experience in labor justiceEu, um outro: uma experi√™ncia na justi√ßa do trabalhoIn this documentary, we follow the project “Living subaltern work”, which invited judges and appellate judges to live the lives of invisible workers. In secrecy, magistrates exchange their gowns for uniforms, and live one day as street sweepers, waitresses, gardeners. In turn, manual workers are invited to discuss the role of a judge in society.
0:58:23BrazilPortuguese LíbanoRoberto FragaleMaiaraLibanoFemalemaiara.libano@gmail.com2020
Company Town (festival version)On the anniversary of General Motors’ 100th year of manufacturing vehicles in Oshawa, Canada, union workers are forced into a life-and-death fight to save their members’ jobs when the company announces it will be shuttering the plant at the end of the next year.0:52:00CanadaEnglish FindlayPeter FindlayPeter Findlay, Amanda Handy, Mark
KARIn Farsi, the word “kar” means work. Mohammad has worked in Canada as a pizza delivery man, a driving instructor, and a taxi driver. With the rise of ride-sharing apps like Uber, he is now unemployed. A weekend drive around Scarborough, ON with his daughter prompts reflection on cars, labour, and family.0:08:17CanadaEnglishDocumentaryYes2019-09-30YesSahar GolshanSahar GolshanAram Collier, Joseph ChungSaharGolshanFemalesahargolshanwriting@gmail.com2020
SerokسەرۆکSerok is a boy who helps her father in the summer. children are the most vulnerable group in society.who are exposed to direct influxes of disasters, pressures and problems of life caused by the elderly.0:05:00Iran, Islamic Republic ofKurdish, Short, StudentYes2018-09-25NoZhivar farajzadehZhivar farajzadehZhivar farajzadehMohammadferajzadehMalemohammadferajzade@gmail.com2020
The HotlineTrapped working a dead-end job, Erika fears there is no light at the end of the tunnel, until her environment puts her metal fragility to the test.0:04:52CanadaEnglishAnimation, Short, StudentYes2020-04-23YesChristina TaratufoloChristina taratfoloChristinaTaratufoloc_taratufolo@hotmail.com2020
The Ballad of John HenryTHE BALLAD OF JOHN HENRY is an ambitious 50-minute documentary film analyzing how an ex-slave became one of America’ greatest tall tale heroes. StatesEnglish, FeatureNo2019-10-30YesMattRiceMalemattpaulrice@gmail.com2020
I Stand For UsA social realist drama. When hotel cleaners are faced with unfair working conditions, Naomi works to unite the team in solidarity against destructive zero hour contracts.0:21:40United KingdomEnglishShort, StudentYes2020-09-01NoAlmir DatooTamika SankarMarcos AlexiadisMarcosAlexiadismxalexiadis@gmail.com2021
Longa Dist√¢nciaLonga Dist√¢nciaAn immigrant housekeeper works to provide for her son back home in Portugal. When she is accused of stealing from a client, she fears that what she’ been working towards will all come crashing down. http://www.ldistancia.com0:14:00CanadaEnglish, Portuguese, StudentYes2020-04-30YesJean-Luc MonizJean-Luc MonizIsabella CarreraIsabellaCarreraFemaleisa.carrera.alves@gmail.com2021
One Million TreesEvery spring, thousands of Canadians leave the comfort of their homes to live rough in remote bush camps planting hundreds of millions of trees collectively. This is their journey.0:43:54CanadaEnglish, French, Televisioncultural documentaryNo2020-06-21YesEverett BumsteadEverett BumsteadKevin Wong, Mike Smaill, Summan Kandola, Sheila PeacockCanadian Broadcasting Corporation (geo-restricted to Canada)
Free TV
Women of SteelWollongong, New South Wales,1980: Denied jobs at the steelworks, the city’s main employer, working class/migrant women refused discrimination. Their 14-year campaign for the right to work pitted them against BHP, the richest and most powerful company in Australia. In Women of Steel, they tell their personal stories ‚Äì from the unemployment line to the factory gate to the High Court. It’s an exciting and often humorous story of the ups and downs of a group of seemingly ordinary women, determined to overcome a giant. This is an extraordinary but little known episode in women’ history!, Turkish MurphyRobynne Murphy, Martha Ansara (consulting producer)Jobs for Women Film Production Group
Sales Agent
All Rights
SalvageSalvage questions the allure of old objects by reimagining obsolete tools as reliquaries haunted by the souls of disgruntled workers who resent their new jobs. This hybrid intersectional documentary uses magic realism to critique the inequities of gender, ethnicity, and class that underpin consumer capitalism.0:10:24United StatesEnglish, Experimental, ShortNo2020-06-25NoChristopher BoultonChristopherBoultonMalecboulton@ut.edu2021
Migranta con M de mam√°Three migrant women in Canada under the Agricultural Worker Program open their hearts to let us delve into the complex world of maternity from afar. Their narratives help us to reflect on the several dimensions that pervade migration processes. Being women ‚Äîmothers, maidens, or widows (which is the case of one of them)‚Äî and originating from rural communities (among other characteristics), they put at risk their emotional stability and their children’., StudentYes2020-10-31NoAARAON DIAZ MENDIBUROAaraon Díaz MendiburoAaraon Díaz MendiburoAARAON DIAZ MENDIBURO
Video on Demand
Do Nothing And Do It WellThe true story of Melbourne’ radical Chinese cabinetmakers
whose militant union defied racial stereotypes and struck fear into the White Australian establishment.
0:45:00AustraliaChinese, English Documentary, History, Social DocumentaryNo2019-12-09YesLiam WardCJ WelshCJWelshMalecj@bearanddog.com2021
TREATY WALK – A Journey for Common GroundThe film follows a group of Indigenous elders, Healthcare Workers, and others as they embark on a two week long walking journey from Edmonton, Alberta/Treaty 6 Territory to Calgary, Alberta/Treaty 7 Territory. This motley crew of determined walkers explore together what it means to be treaty people, working and living on common ground. The journey has an emotional impact on many of the walkers who are healthcare professionals wanting to deepen their understanding of treaty and Indigenous ways of knowing.http://www.treatywalk.com0:14:40CanadaEnglishDocumentary, ShortDrama, Adventure, Indigenous, Healthcare, UnionNo2019-11-01NoBrad LeitchPatricia Makokis, Scott MacDougallBradLeitchbrad@rebelskymedia.com2021
MixiChakki(‘MIXI’ in English/ ‘MIXEUR’ in french)
is an UNRELEASED film that holds 20 world records & has won 100+ International Awards. The film was entirely made using ‚ÄòSEEDS’. Real PULSES & GRAMS & SPROUTS were used in motion to create scenarios as a metaphorical representation of GROWTH & FUTURE of a nation.
http://www.mixii.webs.com0:06:21IndiaOther, Experimental, Short, OtherNo2021-07-19NoJYOTSNA PUTHRANJYOTSNA PUTHRANJYOTSNA PUTHRANjyotsnaputhranFemalesaltart@gmail.com2021
Class ActionLes ExemplairesA teacher killed herself a few weeks before high school diploma exams and her colleagues go on a strike. An emergency meeting is organized between the education officer and the teachers who accused the Ministry of Education of being responsible for this tragedy., StudentSocial dramaYes2021-06-16YesGUILLAUME CRETONGUILLAUME CRETON3iS BordeauxGuillaumeCRETONMaleguillaume.ctn@gmail.com2021
Dare to Struggle Dare to Win The life and politics of Jack MundeyIn the 1970′ Jack Mundey led the Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) in Sydney, Australia that imposed bans on developments that at the time were worth about $5 billion. Using a combination of strikes, direct action and negotiation the Green Ban movement had many wins saving urban bushland, low cost housing and heritage buildings from the corrupt plans of greedy developers.0:31:30AustraliaEnglishDocumentaryNo2021-04-16NoJohn Reynolds, Jill HicksonJohn Reynolds, Jill HicksonJohn Reynolds, Jill HicksonJillHicksonFemalejillhickson55@gmail.com2021
People Show 138: Last DayA short dreamlike drama about power, loss and loyalty. People Show 138: Last Day, follows HR manager Sidney, who after thirty years of working at an industrial sock factory faces a challenging dilemma that could affect the livelihood of his employees. KingdomEnglishShortNo2020-08-25NoGareth BrierleyGareth Brierley , Fiona CreeseMaya WillcocksgarethbrierleyMalegbbrierley@btinternet.com2021
THE INVISIBLE MONSTEREL MONSTRUO INVISIBLEAminodin’s father always smiles because he says “happy people live longer”. That’s why, at eight years old, Aminodin puts his best smile while working at the Papandayan dump, where he lives with his family. Her cousin Aliman, on the other hand, lost his when bombs started falling from the sky in the city of Marawi.
http://info@selectedfilms.com0:29:00SpainTagalogShortNo2020-03-01NoGuillermo Fesser Perez de Petinto, Javier Fesser Perez de PetintoJavier Fesser, Guillermo FesserLuis MansoSelectedFilmsMaleinfo@selectedfilms.com2021
A Highrise Laundry RoomA HIGHRISE LAUNDRY ROOMA Highrise Laundry Room is a documentary by Fernando Sancho portraying the lived experiences of six housekeepers who work for the residence of a highrise apartment building on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York City. Within the laundry room’s common space, the workers gradually shared their own highly personal stories with Sancho.
http://info@selectedfilms.com0:22:00SpainEnglishDocumentary, ShortNo2020-09-01NoFernando SanchoFernando SanchoFernando SanchoSelectedFilmsMaleinfo@selectedfilms.com2021
Street Traders On The Move On March 27th 2020, street vendors and market traders in South Africa were banned from operating under the country’ first COVID-19 lockdown. While restrictions were lifted, traders have struggled to resume work that was precarious long before the lockdown. KingdomEnglish, Xhosa, ZuluDocumentaryNo2021-02-15NoWomen in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) with Rehad DesaiRhianaChinapenFemalerhiana.chinapen@wiego.org2021
Justice & Dignity for All: Stories From the Struggle for Pay EquityFor decades the sisters and brothers who delivered the mail in rural and suburban Canada were forced to work without any benefits — just like gig-workers today. No sick leave; no maternity leave; no holiday pay. They made less than minimum wage. The vast majority of them were women. Federal legislation made it illegal to form a union. Then CUPW entered the fight., FrenchDocumentaryNo2020-10-01NoMichael OstroffKevinMatthewskmatthews@cupw-sttp.org2021
Sugar on The Weaver’ ChairEmpuThis film tells the story of three women in three regions in Indonesia in redefining their destiny. SUTRINGAH, is the wife of a palm sugar tapper from Banyumas. As a family of sugar palm tapper, her life continues to dwindle away by economic difficulties and exacerbated because her husband is totally paralyzed due to an accident when tapping. Sutringah is faced to the process of defining her role as a woman, a wife and a breadwinner.1:00:00IndonesiaIndonesian, ShortNo2019-12-01NoHarvan AgustriansyahHarvan Agustriansyah, Luvie MelatiJoko TriwibowoHarvanAgustriansyahMaleharvankoh@gmail.com2022
See Us Come TogetherWhen factories were forced to close operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, an ophthalmic lens workers union ensured mechanisms to protect their workers, ultimately with the goal to change the culture of labor in their factory.0:10:05PhilippinesTagalog SuicoAlyssa SuicoMayday MultimediaAlyssaSuicoalyssa.suico@gmail.com2022
Nu Ulew (My homeland)Nu Ulew (Mi tierra)Farm worker Pablo Nimamac works five to seven months a year on a vegetable farm in Quebec since 2008. The rest of the year, he runs his family’s strawberry farm in Guatemala, which he has been able to expand with the fruits of his labor abroad. Proud of his Mayan Kaqchikel origins, Pablo welcomes us to his home to introduce us to the family he leaves behind year after year and tell us what it means for him to share his life between Guatemala and Canada.0:20:28CanadaSpanish, ShortNo2021-11-01YesKarla MezaKarla MezaKarla Meza
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Reach the vortexAlcanzar el v√≥rticeA strange being lands by accident on Earth and survives occupying the body of a man. Once camouflaged in terrestrial society, he locates a magnetic pyramidal vortex on the top floor of a skyscraper to return to his planet. From then on, he will use all his efforts to reach the vortex, learning in his journey that the human species is more complicated than it seemed., Sci-Fi, WomanNo2021-10-01NoPedro PovedaEmmanuel VizcaínoJuan PovedaMMS, Short Film Distribution Agency
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Spain against the atomEspaña contra el átomoIn 1970, a radioactive leak in the spanish Nuclear Energy Board contaminated the Manzanares river and the surroundings of the city of Madrid. 50 years later, workers and neighbors in the vicinity of the center are fighting against something more terrible and harmful than the radiation: the total indifference of the spanish society., ShortSustainable development, Enviromental, Political, Social, Work, Nuclear EnergyNo2020-12-01YesSergio Cabezudo, Raúl de IsidroRaúl de Isidro, Sergio CabezudoRaúl de Isidro, Sergio CabezudoMMS, Short Film Distribution Agency
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If There Is No StruggleA young photographer celebrates historical figures via Boston’ public art. http://www.jaredkatsiane.com0:13:38United StatesEnglish, SpanishDocumentary, Experimental, Feature, ShortNo2022-01-03NoJared KatsianeJared KatsianeJared KatsianeJaredKatsianekatsiane@hotmail.com2022
A More Radiant SphereA More Radiant Sphere follows the long-lost story of Communist poet, activist and Canadian political prisoner Joe Wallace, bringing him to life through archival material, both real and imagined. This hybrid film weaves together the story of Wallace, the failed Canadian Communist Party, and the filmmaker’ own surprising discovery of her relation to Wallace, despite a distant relationship with her father (Joe’s great-nephew).http://sarawylie.ca0:44:06CanadaEnglishDocumentary, ExperimentalNo2022-03-31NoSara WylieSara WylieSara WylieSaraWylieFemalesekwylie@gmail.com2022
OPERA TRANS*FORMED: Teiya KasaharaTeiya Kasahara (they/them) leads a new generation of trans* opera performers, activists and self-proclaimed ‚”shit-disturbers” making their voices heard–whether the classical music world likes it or not., ShortMusic, DocumentaryNo2021-10-25YesLeah Borts-Kuperman, Maria SarrouhCBC
A world free of crisisUn monde sans crise Emilie is struggling in life. After numerous unsuccessful interviews, the lively but clumsy 30 year-old finds herself under a great deal of social pressure and fears to lose her home. Naturally she has high hopes when she is called in for a new interview, but in this future society that plays by slightly different rules, nothing goes as planned.http://www.labelleaffaire.net0:26:00FranceFrenchShortComedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, RomanceNo2021-02-01NoTed Hardy-CarnacTed Hardy-CarnacJérôme BlessonManifest
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LOOPLOOPIn this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again.
http://info@selectedfilms.com0:08:00ArgentinaAnimation, ShortNo2021-09-01NoPablo PolledriPablo PolledriIván Miñambres MiñambresSelectedFilmsMaleinfo@selectedfilms.com2022
KELLYSKELLYSThere are things that are hidden even from your best friend
0:02:00SpainSpanishShortDramaNo2021-11-01NoJavier FesserJavier Fesser, Claro GarcíaLuis MansoSelectedFilmsMaleinfo@selectedfilms.com2022
The umbrellaEL PARAGUASAlberto has an umbrella, and he can’t get away from it.
0:14:00SpainSpanishShortDramaNo2022-03-01NoChristopher S√°nchez MartínOretania Ciudad RealMario CervantesSelectedFilmsMaleinfo@selectedfilms.com2022
The Hands of an ElderThe importance of Cree culture in an ever-changing world.http://wapikoni.ca0:04:50Canada SamDinah SamWapikoniWapikoni
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Made in PauquachinAlva Bob, Iona Misheal and Virgil Bob do what they do best: traditional handmade products. Brother and sisters, they have been working together for the last 20 years.0:03:57CanadaEnglishDocumentaryNo2019-08-26NoAlva Bob, Iona Misheal, Virgil BobVirgil Bob, Iona Misheal, Alva BobWapikoniWapikoniMobileFemalemariesoleiljoyal@wapikoni.ca2022
What will I show you?Qu’est-ce que je te montrerai ?In the tradition of direct cinema, “What Will I Show You” is an intimate documentary in which a grandfather and his grandson discuss the past and future of Innu culture.0:09:32CanadaEnglish, French, ShortNo2021-04-30NoElie-John JosephElie-John JosephWapikoni mobileWapikoni
The Unmaking of Medical InadmissibilityThis is a narrative-driven animatic film about the “immigration application health work” that Martha, Winnie and Stella, as prospective immigrants to Canada, undertake after being tagged ‚”abnormal” (to use the state’s term) through the immigration medical examination., Documentary, Experimental, ShortImmigration, Labour, Social Sciences, Short, DocumentaryNo2020-07-31YesLaura BisaillonLaura Bisaillon, Aida RadoncicLauraBisaillonFemalelaura.bisaillon@utoronto.ca2022
BergieA law enforcement officer has to remove people that are homeless in order to make way for a 10km fun-run. AfricaAfrikaans, English WeysDian WeysLe Roux Fourie, Dian Weys, Keenan ArrisonFlavioArmoneMaleflavio.armone@lightsonfilm.org2023
Hippocrates: A Guide to Treating Healthcare WorkersAn Edmontonian filmmaker explores who wins and who loses under a privatized healthcare system and why so many doctors are leaving Alberta, StudentYes2022-01-01NoKieran FongKieran FongAmair Javaid, Kieran FongKieranFongMalefongk23@mymacewan.ca2023
A street viewA street viewIt is night-time.
Sara has to deliver an order in another part of the city as soon as possible. Riding her bike, she tries to maintain her stability, that of her bank account and that of her relationship., Social, Woman, Labour, Gender Equality, City, Experimental, Inequality, Direct cinemaNo2023-01-01NoLoreto Saiz, Alfonso Villanueva GarcíaLoreto Saiz, Alfonso Villanueva GarcíaGerardo de las MorenasMMS, Short Film Distribution Agency
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Meeting Human NeedsEveryday, people in Saskatchewan rely on public healthcare, libraries, schools, and Crown corporations to access the services they need to survive. Meeting Human Needs examines schemes used by conservative governments to privatize public services and the consequences suffered by communities.0:18:57CanadaEnglishDocumentary, ShortNo2022-06-01NoLiz Gibson-DeGroote, Paula Krasiun-WinselSuzanne GallantLizGDeliz.gibson@gmail.com2023
Life on the moveIn his first heartfelt documentary, Jack Belhumeur takes the viewer along for the ride as he navigates the trials and tribulations of life as an essential worker far from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.0:11:30CanadaEnglishDocumentaryDrama, PortraitNo2021-03-05NoJack BelhumeurJack BelhumeurOdile JoanetteWapikoni Mobile
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DreamPuamunIn this documentary, a young fisherman tells the story of his journey towards becoming the captain of a fishing boat. Accompanied by his deckhand, he spends a typical day on his boat fishing for whelk.0:05:13CanadaFrenchée BenjaminWapikoni mobileWapikoni mobile
Where are you from?A girl goes to an interview and reveals more than asked0:02:51CanadaEnglishExperimental, ShortNo2022-08-31YesFatima Gardaad, Warda YoussoufLee Piazza, Warda Mohamed YoussoufWarda Mohamed YoussoufWardaYoussoufFemalehouseofartsto@gmail.com2023
WhitewashWhitewash looks at the pressure felt amongst Iranian immigrants in Canada to change their given names to Western names to increase their chance of getting a job, and the consequences that develop due to this act of cultural and identity erasure.

0:31:00CanadaEnglishDocumentary, Shortsocial, political, human rightsNo2022-08-22NogolzartaravatiFemalegolzar.taravati@gmail.com2023
When We FightIn the second largest school district in the United States, 98% of teachers vote to authorize a strike. Watch as one of the largest educator strikes in modern U.S. history unfolds in real-time, highlighting the stories and leadership of some of the women who led it, from union leaders to classroom teachers. From strike vote to contract vote, When We Fight goes behind the picket lines, documenting how and why teachers strike.http://whenwefightfilm.com0:34:00United StatesEnglish, SpanishDocumentary, ShortVerite, Labor, EducationNo2022-04-01YesYael Bridge, Yoni GolijovErick StollYael Bridge, Yoni GolijovYoniGolijovyonigolijov@gmail.com2023
Shiringa: Amazon white goldJorge Escompani is a “Shiringa” master, “Shiringa” is a tree which produces natural latex. This is considered a tradition that preserves great passion and environmental awareness. The extraction of latex from the Shiringa three led to the death of thousands of indigenous people due to slavery during “the fever of latex” in the 19th century.0:09:10PeruEnglish, Spanish, StudentDocumentary, reality, enviroment, diversityNo2022-09-21NoOscar AkamineOscar AkamineOscar Akamine, Joseph NeyraOscarAkamineMaleoscar.akaminekina@georgebrown.ca2023
La forza del futuro ( The strength of the future)Short film.
The importance of meeting young people, transmitting them the values of social commitment: they are the next workers and the strength of the union’s future.
Dedicated to trade unionists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
0:03:06ItalyItalianShortNoNoAndrea BaglioAndrea BaglioCISL VenetoFabioDal Cortivof.dalcortivo@cislveneto.org2023
Clinging to AirEn El AireAfter spending 25 years as a domestic worker, Edilsa faces the reality of unemployment in an era where all the rules seem to have changed.0:14:24PanamaSpanish Thomas-DíazRoberto Thomas-DíazAnn Marie Cano, Roberto Thomas-DíazRobertoThomas-DíazMalerobertothomasdiaz@gmail.com2023
Hongkongers: A Re-CollectionÔºöMy Destiny or My Choice?In 2021, as a group of 47 people were charged with subversion in relation to an unofficial primary election held in the city in the previous year, his wife and daughter decided to relocate to Britain. The idea of leaving with his family did not cross his mind at first, because he wanted to continue his work. Yet as circumstances changed and Hong Kong’s civil society collapsed, he was eventually forced to make a choice between family and comrades.Á¨¨ÂõõÈõÜÔºö-ËíôÂÖÜÈÅîÔºåÊôljª£Èĺ‰ΩøÊàëÊäâÊìá/0:17:52United KingdomYue Chinese (Cantonese)DocumentaryNo2022-07-27NoYouTube
United Kingdom
Not Another Ballet StoryA small contemporary dance company in San Francisco provides dancers with a unique opportunity to write the future of ballet, away from the ballet world’ entrenched ‚Äòstory ballet’ tradition.
http://www.marginalgapfilms.com0:11:00United StatesEnglish, ShortDocumentary, Feminist, dance, ballet, independentNo2023-02-26NoEmily R PackerEmilyPackerFemaleemilyrpacker@gmail.com2023
BoxfoxBOXFOXAn intrepid fox-adventurer will travel through a dangerous fantasy world to find an enigmatic girl whose face appears in a mysterious token.
0:05:00SpainNo DialogueAnimation, ShortYes2022-03-28NoAurora González Segura, Ángela Ronco Núñez, Juan José Romero CortinaÁngela Ronco Núñez, Aurora González Segura, Sheila Quintanilla MatuteJorge Calderón, Juan José Romero CortinaSelectedFilmsMaleinfo@selectedfilms.com2023
LENTEJASLentils: if you want, eat them; if you don’t, leave them.
AllegoryALEGORÍATen participants are about to start a race in which the most important thing is not to win, but to arrive, in the race of their lives.
0:13:00SpainSpanishShortNo2023-01-23NoTino Fern√°ndezTino Fern√°ndez, Antonio MarotoEnrique Fern√°ndezSelectedFilmsMale2023
SerigneSERIGNESerigne Mbayé arrived in Spain in a dinghy from Senegal. After 15 years of anti-racist struggle in Madrid, today, converted into a politician, he is determined to confront the European Union. His mission: point to Brussels as responsible for his migration and that of thousands of his compatriots.
0:27:00SpainSpanishDocumentary, ShortNo2023-01-04NoRodrigo Hernandez Tejero, Adriana Cardoso Navarro, Edu MarinRodrigo Hernandez Tejero, Adriana Cardoso NavarroEdu MarinSelectedFilmsMale2023
We are the EarthNous sommes la TerreIn a world crushed by pollution, conflicts, eco anxiety, alienation of the individual and fear of the future, a human being is lying down, hopeless and surrounded by shadow. Yet, anger and refusal of the disaster to come will ignite in him/her Рand in us all Рa flame of life, carrying the hope of a better tomorrow.0:05:00FranceFrench, Music VideoNo2022-06-30NoZoé RoseThierry GaudinThierry GaudinThierryGaudinMale2023
Fault Lines from the Front Line Why do we work the way we do, and for what? The pandemic unearthed and exacerbated the endemic fault lines in our system. No paid sick days. Migrant worker deaths. Profit over the elderly in nursing homes. An unequal burden of disease on Black communities. A lack of power for workers to speak out.0:25:55CanadaEnglishShortHealth, Safety, Social Justice, Labour rightsNo2021-11-01NoRob ViscardisNatasha LuckhardtNatashaLuckhardtFemale2023
MindslipA young man wakes up in a train in Toronto without any recollection of how he got to Canada from India. The search for his past memories leads him to a chance encounter with a fellow Indian who might have the solution to the young man’s predicament. 0:05:00CanadaEnglish, Malayalam, ComedyNo2023-05-22NoSwaroop ElamonSwaroop ElamonSwaroop ElamonSwaroopElamonMale2023