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Each year we rely on our Location Coordinators to host local film screenings in communities, union halls, and workplaces all across the country. Become a Location Coordinator for CLiFF#15/#CLiFF2023. Hosting a screening is easy and fun. There is no cost to organize a screening and tickets are free for attendees.


  1. Choose your film package. Then select a date/time for your screening during Labour Film Month (any time in November).
  2. We’ll set up your virtual event online and send you a direct link to share in your event advertising. Make sure you spread the word to your potential audience, so they know what is happening and when.
  3. If hosting an in-person event, you need to get your virtual ticket by using the event link as soon as we send it.
  4. If hosting a virtual or hybrid event, those planning to attend virtually also need to register in advance of the event and get a ticket.
  5. Ticket holders will be reminded. An automatic email will be sent to remind festival ticket holders that their event is about to start.
  6. Consider sending us a short intro video to “open” the screening for your event. It can be a welcome message, as well as speak to some of the issues discussed in the film(s).
  7. Lean back and enjoy! Attendees watch the films online from the comfort of their own homes or venue of your choice.
  8. For film descriptions, please click here.



Package A (2 hours)

  1. Bergie
  2. Whitewash
  3. Not Another Ballet Story
  4. Hippocrates: A Guide to Treating Healthcare Workers
  5. Allegory
  6. Mindslip
  7. Hongkongers: A Re-Collection – My Destiny or My Choice?

Package B (50 min)

  1. Dream
  2. We are the Earth
  4. Where are you from?
  5. Boxfox
  6. Life on the Move
  7. Shiringa: Amazon white gold

Package C (1 hour)

  1. Meeting Human Needs
  2. Clinging to Air
  3. Fault Lines from the Front Line

Package D (1.5 hour)

  1. La forza del futuro (The strength of the future)
  2. Serigne
  3. When We Fight
  4. A street view

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